Empower Your Anxious Child

A Parent's Group Workshop to Nurture Resilience

Anxiety is at epidemic levels among children and teens and has only worsened exponentially since COVID.

Anxiety is the most common health concern among children and teens globally and is not something they outgrow. In fact, anxiety only gets progressively more severe over time. Most mental health problems in adulthood actually began as anxiety in childhood.

Early intervention is essential to minimize social, emotional, behavioural, academic, and health difficulties, let alone lifelong mental health challenges. Unfortunately, most children and teens go without effective support, making them vulnerable for developing severe mental health disorders later on.

Without having a full understanding of anxiety, knowing what to look for, and how to respond effectively when it shows up, many well-intentioned parents unwittingly make anxiety worse in their attempts to make their children feel better.

It is critical that all parents and adults who work with anxious children develop a thorough understanding of anxiety and how to truly support their children and teens to tame their anxiety gremlins  and strengthen their resilient brain once and for all.

Thankfully, anxiety is highly treatable when children and teens are supported properly. This workshop is vital for all parents to prevent anxiety taking over their children’s lives and to treat existing anxiety while promoting their children’s and teen’s courage, confidence, resilience, and overall well-being. 

Check out our online training programs with Dr. Buzanko you can do at your own pace, including learning more about school refusal. 

We also have waitlists for our workshops to promote your understanding of anxiety, teach parents how traditional ways of offering help may unwittingly feed into the child’s worries and associated behaviours, and offer effective tools to help their children manage their fears and worries to become more resilient and happy.

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