Workshops & Groups

Providing Support for Parents, Siblings and Children Throughout Alberta

Our family and child workshops foster positive relationships, effective communication, happiness, and optimal well-being.

At Koru Family Psychology, we are dedicated to help parents raise stellar, happy, and confident kids. We have a variety of services available, including assessments, counselling, groups, and specialized treatment plans to help you transform your struggling hero into an Amazing one.

Available Groups & Workshops

Amazing Sibs

Amazing Sibs is a place where kids can meet other brothers and sisters of children with autism, share their experiences and gain peer support. Kids get to share information, learn about cool things, and engage in lots of fun activities!

Parent resources are also provided to help parents better understand sibling needs.

ADHD Workshop

We offer a variety of skill building and educational workshops for parents related to ADHD. These workshops are designed to give parents effective tools they can use to promote their child’s success and improve the overall well-being of their family.

Parent Skill Building

Although rewarding, parenting can be tough. Our parent workshops teach specific tools for parents to effectively communicate with their children; to effectively manage problem behaviours; and to nurture their kids’ well-being. Each workshop covers a different topic, but all build from the foundation workshop Parenting: The Secret.

Parent Support Group

A variety of parent support groups are offered throughout the year. Groups may target specific issues, such as managing your child’s anxiety, symptoms associated with ADHD, or ASD.

Managing Your Child's Anxiety

Anxiety is at epidemic levels among children and teends. This workshop will: promote parent’s understanding of anxiety, teach parents how traditional ways of offering help may unwittingly feed into the child’s worries and associated behaviours, and offer effective tools to help their children manage their fears and worries to become more resilient and happy.

Social Skills Training

Helping our children develop good social skills is crucial to their healthy development. Individual and group support services are available.

Scholarship Opportunities for Students and Families

Koru Family Psychology is pleased to offer families in financial need bursaries and scholarships to help offset the costs of assessments. 

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