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Hello, I'm Dr. Caroline Buzanko

So happy you found my page!

I am a recovering perfectionist, ADHDer, and mom of two anxious ADHDers. I know exactly how hard parenting is (let’s just say that everything we think we should be doing is probably wrong) and what’s going on in kiddos’ noggins’. 

If you’re frustrated or feeling overwhelmed with knowing what to do, I can help.

I am a psychologist who has worked with kids, teens, and their parents for over 20 years. My focus is on maximizing learning, success, and well-being.

Through my specialized assessments, I help parents and teachers understand kids’ strengths, areas of challenge, and how to best support them. I figure out what makes learning easy for kids and strategies to optimize learning. 

I also provide therapeutic support for children, teens, and their families. As a mom, I know how hard it can be to do all the right things. Therefore, I focus on giving practical and doable strategies to promote strong connections, confidence and courage, emotional strength and resilience, as well as harmony in the home.

When I am not helping families, I am a sought out speaker, facilitating groups and workshops around the world on various topics including social skills, parenting, autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, executive functions, anxiety, and behaviour management.  

Given my experience working with children and teens, I have loads of knowledge that I love sharing with others. Therefore, I want to give as much information as possible to optimize kids’ success. Subscribe to my newsletter to get invaluable resources below or check out my podcast. 

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