Using Effective Corrective Feedback to Unlock Potential

corrective feedback for child development

Unlock the potential of your child through the art of corrective feedback. Explore why it’s crucial for child development, learn effective communication strategies, and build a stronger parent-child relationship. Nurture resilience and empower your child to conquer life’s challenges.

Sensory Processing Differences in the Classroom

For neurodivergent children with sensory processing differences, a busy, noisy class can be overwhelming. Sensory overload makes learning and self-regulation difficult, which can lead to problematic behaviours and/or emotional meltdown.

Autism in Girls

Understanding Autism in Girls: Specialized Care and Support at Koru Psychology. Dive deep into the world of autism as it presents in girls, often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Our dedicated team at Koru Psychology provides expert assessments and personalized intervention strategies, focusing on the distinct needs of girls on the spectrum.