Promoting Children and Teens’ Resilience, Confidence, Emotional Well-Being & Independence

At Koru, we believe that education is the cornerstone of effective psychological care and community well-being. We take great pride in being a training clinic and are excited to extend our training with free monthly  seminars to educate medical professionals, allied mental health professionals, educators, parents and anyone interested in learning more on a variety of topics related to child and youth development and well-being.    

Our seminars are designed to bridge the gap between research and practice, offering actionable insights and evidence-based strategies that you can apply immediately. Led by seasoned professionals and experts in the field, these sessions provide a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary learning and networking in a relaxed, collegial atmosphere.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your professional expertise or seeking practical advice for personal concerns, our Lunch & Learn seminars equip you with the tools you need to make informed decisions. 

We look forward to enlightening lunch hours with you!

NOTE: Our free monthly virtual seminars are introductory level workshops; however, Dr. Buzanko also hosts more advanced professional development and parenting workshops  for schools, clinics, and other agencies on different topics relevant to their needs (and they’re a raving success!).  LEARN MORE with Dr. Buzanko.


Upcoming FREE Lunch ‘n’ Learn Seminars

REGISTER below for the live, virtual sessions. Handouts and replays are available. You can also register for previous seminars, archived below

February 12, 2024 @ 12pm MST

Engaging in Effective Communication

Communicating effectively with others can be tricky business! Join us for a rich conversation about how we can make small changes that can have big impacts on how we communicate with important people in our lives.

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    Want to Inspire & Engage Your Employees?

    In addition to our monthly training seminars for the general community, our experts also conduct incredibly engaging and interactive Lunch & Learn webinars and Professional Development Workshops for schools, clinics, and agencies. These workshops can be one-off events, or part of an ongoing series on a topic important to you and your workplace/community.

    Together, we will decide on topics and schedule to address your needs and meet your goals. The presenters  are all highly experienced experts skilled in a variety of teaching techniques designed to engage all learning styles. 

    Each webinar or live workshop includes learning objectives that provide participants with the tools to implement to support children and teens immediately. Each session provides a one-page summary of the key learning points and session handouts, so participants can interact during the seminar and have the reminder when they want to apply the lessons later.

    Email to learn more about presenting on one of these topics or check out learning opportunities with Dr. Caroline Buzanko

    Bringing People Together in Meaningful Ways

    Regularly scheduled Lunch and Learns are essential for ongoing professional development and also increase staff morale, commitment, and confidence. They’re also great in strengthening the community and work culture because they provide exciting opportunities to get everyone together and engage in different ways. These sessions combats silo-mentality by encouraging people to liaise more freely and often with each other than usual. These programs become integral parts of the organizational culture and, hopefully, an event that everyone looks forward to.

    We are flexible to meet your needs. Lunch & Learns and PD workshops can either take place on your worksite or virtually. No matter the size of your organization, we can tailor an engaging learning opportunity that’s right for your needs and budget.

    Email to learn more about presenting on one of these topics or check out learning opportunities with Dr. Caroline Buzanko

    Archived Lunch 'N Learns

    Want access to previously recorded webinars? Access the replays below!

    Cognitive Flexibility
    Jacqueline Stowkowy R. Psych

    Flexible Minds, Happy Kids: Fostering Cognitive Flexibility in Children

    Why do some kiddos get stuck? Join us for a discussion around cognitive flexibility, and how we can we encourage more flexible thinking and problem solving.

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      depressed teen
      Jezz Stone, R. Psych.

      Relational Responding to Suicide Ideation and Self-Harm in Adolescents

      It might be alarming to learn that a young person is questioning the concept of life or death. On the other hand, we may also attribute expressions of suicide to underlying motivations of “seeking attention.” In this lunch n' learn, we will discuss ways of noticing, understanding, and responding to risk-related cues in adolescents.

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        Dr. Caroline Buzanko, R. Psych

        PDA Demystified

        Effective strategies for supporting children & teens with Pathological Demand Avoidance.

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          Anger Anchor
          Dr. Anastasia Campbell, R. Psych.

          Anger Anchor

          Big emotions: We all have them and we can all learn from them. How can we support others in tolerating and shaping their experience with anger? In this discussion we will explore anger warning signs, get curious about what someone is trying to say with their anger, and learn how to effectively respond to various expressions of anger.

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            Differential Diagnosis
            Dr. Caroline Buzanko, R. Psych

            Differential Diagnosis: ADHD vs. ASD

            Differentiating among ASD and ADHD can be complex since they often co-occur and share several overlapping symptoms. In this session, learn about the overlapping symptoms and unique identifiers to help with a differential diagnosis.

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              Fiona Steedman, R. Psych.

              Neurodiversity & Gender Diverse Youth

              In this workshop, we will explore the intersection between neurodiverse youth and gender identity. We will discuss each of these, what current research says, and what remains unclear on the topic. Finally, we will discuss key protective factors and how to best support these youth.

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                Jacqueline Stowkowy, R. Psych.

                Psychosis & Psychosis Risk

                Join us for a discussion around psychosis risk. How are those considered to be at higher risk for the development of psychosis defined and assessed? What are some of the current treatment options? These questions, along with information around risk and protective factors will be discussed.

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