Keeping The Energy Up: 5 Ways To Stay Engaged During The Winter Break

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It’s never too early to start planning early!

Finally, Some Quality Time With The Kids

After months of dropping and picking up from school, staying up late to finish last-minute
projects, and working around extracurriculars, the winter break is finally approaching. Pure time
to spend with your children staying in, playing games, and growing as a family. While
your children may have other plans of sleeping till noon and getting alone time, we know that
finding some way of keeping them engaged is crucial for their mental, emotional, and physical
health. Fortunately, the time you spend together can be engaging, energetic, and fruitful all at
once. Taking the time to create meaningful activities and conversations is key to providing
genuine holiday fun for the entire family.

Where Does The Pent-Up Energy Go?

When children are allotted extensive time away from their academic and extracurricular
activities, there is room for new habits to move into their lives. Suddenly, they feel like
they have all the freedom in the world to structure their free days however pleases them. This
can be extreme;y frustrating for a parent who wants to keep their child on track. Figuring out
how to utilize all of their pent-up energy could be a focal point during the break. With limited
resources on how to exert their boundless energy, children will become restless and settle for a
“lazy” break from the norm. While all children deserve the space and time to appreciate their
small getaway from reality, keeping them engaged will do wonders for their minds and hearts.

5 Ways To Keep The Good Time Going

Whether you are a working or stay home parent, breaks for your children are crucial moments in
which you can become closer as a family without the unnecessary stresses of the outside world.
Below are five ways that you can keep your child engaged this winter break:

Physical Activity/Outbursts: Regular spontaneous dance breaks, going out for walks, and
promoting body movement through small rewards

Finding Common Interests: Try and understand what interests your child has and how
you can support them in their hobbies. Showing genuine curiosity in their work can
create new and lasting bonds.

Communicating Expectations: Every child wants to spend their break doing what they
want when they want. Communicating the expectations you have for them from the
get-go allows them to set realistic standards for themselves and their time.

Getting On Their Level: Don’t be afraid to physically, mentally, and emotionally get on
their level. It will help to understand their perspective more and supplement how to
properly engage with them over the break.

Learning New Skills Together: Starting new hobbies as a family can build a new
relationship that keeps all parties engaged and excited for new endeavors. By beginning
the journey together, the familial bond can become stronger

Breaks Are The Best Time Of The Year

Of course, having all family members in the house at one time can be overwhelming when the
hustle and bustle of everyday routines have taken over. However, breaks are meant to be used
to take the necessary step away from everyday responsibilities and enjoy the moments in
between. That is why making an engaging environment for your children to learn, grow, and
heal is crucial during their break from reality. Reminding them that they are human and that their
rest is equally as important as their work. Creating those solid foundational familial bonds can
prove most beneficial when families can come together and celebrate the holidays.

Want some more ideas on how to thrive for the holidays? Check out our Holiday Guide! You can also book an appointment with one of our fabulous therapists to help you make the holidays the best time of year.