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With a divorce rate in Canada of 42%, it’s obvious that couples face many challenges and obstacles to staying together.

Couples counselling is effective in strengthening happy marriages and supporting and repairing relationships that are troubled. Couples can improve their relationships, enhance communication, and deal more positively with issues such as sexuality, finances, parenting, in-laws, family members, and more. Overall, couples counselling can assist you and your partner with improving your relationship, deepening connection and intimacy. Couples work is not only for those experiencing difficulties or are near divorce. It can be for:

  • Couples who are dating and want to learn relationship skills that will make their relationship successful
  • Couples who have a good relationship and want to deepen intimacy
  • Couples planning to be married and want to start off on the right track

Learn More About Our Clinicians Who Provide Couples Counselling

Anastasia Campbell, Couples & Family Therapy, Calgary

Dr. Anastasia Campbell

Anastasia’s therapeutic approach is collaborative to create sustainable change in your life. She supports individuals and families navigating challenges related to experiencing stress, anxiety, grief, and various relationship concerns.

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