ADHD, Now what? Understanding ADHD

My Child Has ADHD, Now What? Calgary

Before doing anything else, it is critical to understand what ADHD is and how it affects your child. With knowledge, you can better help your child. Rather than go through all the complex medical information, my aim is to help you understand the key pieces of ADHD. There is a lot to know, but this […]

My child has ADHD Now What? See Your Doctor

Talk to Your Doctor, ADHD, Calgary

Learning that your child has ADHD can be overwhelming. Many parents are often at a loss of what to do next. First, be sure you have had a thorough, comprehensive assessment that investigated your child’s learning and attention? If not, it is very difficult to definitively diagnose ADHD because there may be other underlying reasons […]

My child has ADHD Now What?

My Child Has ADHD, Now What?

 After receiving their child’s diagnosis of ADHD, many parents ask, “Now what?” Unsure of where to turn for help, parents rely on the internet, aka “Dr. Google,” to get information. However, there is so much information that parents become overwhelmed and feel at a loss of what to do next. This list will help you […]

Surviving the Holidays

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TRULY MAKING THE HOLIDAYS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR Holidays are meant to be the best time of the year. While we daydream about what the holidays should look like, we all know this can be the most stressful time of year. We often wear ourselves down by overbooking our days, spending too much, […]

Raising a Thinking Child

Raising a Thinking Child, Calgary

In writing my last blog on discipline, I had this persistent, nagging feeling. I felt a little stilted and quite hesitant, to be honest. I think these feelings stemmed from the fact that I do not actually implement a lot of consequences in my own parenting practices. Maybe when I am in a state of […]

Establishing Effective Consequences

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In my last blog, I wrote about punishment and how it does not help teach our children anything of value. It only tends to increase the divide between us and them. However, punishment is very different from discipline, or establishing logical consequences. Consequences, when used properly after your child has made a choice (i.e., in […]


I am so thankful I had a childhood before technology took over.

The Road Less Travelled

My journey to self-rejuvenation/fulfillment/contentment has been a difficult one so far. Anxiety and stress are still lurking (and even higher after reading one of my student’s papers on heart disease and stress!). And life continues on at a fast pace. However, having the conscious awareness of making a change, I have certainly made important steps […]

If you concentrate on finding whatever is good in every situation, you will discover that your life will suddenly be filled with gratitude. ~ Rabbiharo LD Kushner