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My child has ADHD Now What? See Your Doctor

Learning that your child has ADHD can be overwhelming.

Many parents are often at a loss of what to do next. First, be sure you have had a thorough, comprehensive assessment that investigated your child’s learning and attention? If not, it is very difficult to definitively diagnose ADHD because there may be other underlying reasons for your child’s difficulties with attention. Perhaps there is an underlying reading problem, difficulties processing

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My child has ADHD Now What?

 After receiving their child’s diagnosis of ADHD, many parents ask, “Now what?” Unsure of where to turn for help, parents rely on the internet, aka “Dr. Google,” to get information. However, there is so much information that parents become overwhelmed and feel at a loss of what to do next.

This list will help you understand the next best steps to take to get you well on your way to promoting your child’s success at home, at school, and with friends.*

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Surviving the Holidays


Holidays are meant to be the best time of the year. While we daydream about what the holidays should look like, we all know this can be the most stressful time of year. We often wear ourselves down by overbooking our days, spending too much, and forgetting to take care of ourselves. To top it off, kids behaviours seem to explode because their routines are disrupted.

As a result, we shut down and go into survival mode. Before we know it, the holidays are over and we are left exhausted, broke, disappointed, and disconnected from our kids.

In this special article, we provide tips to help you and your child not only survive the holidays, but to delight in them.

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Message From Your Heart


At the gym a couple of weeks ago, I heard a piece from a song saying “I don’t work for free” and “Please take care of me.” I didn’t listen to the rest, assuming it was a love song… a woman singing to her partner to attend to her more. My brain immediately turned to parenting. About all the hard work we put into our roles as parents. I kept thinking along those lines (lot’s of hard work, no pay, little appreciation, feelings of exhaustion) until I tuned back into the song at the end and heard the words: “This is a message from your heart.” Something in that phrase made me stop in my tracks. I teared up. I must’ve stood in the middle of the gym floor for a solid five minutes. Like I had been stunned. I then spent the rest of the day and the following couple of weeks contemplating what struck me so hard.

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