Attaching to Our Kids

Parenting, Calgary

Up until now, my previous parenting articles highlighted the importance of establishing a solid relationship with our children. Over the past several decades our society has changed dramatically and, somewhere along the way, we have lost our instincts to parent our children effectively. It is now time to learn to bring them back to us […]

Parenting 101: Showing Compassion and Empathy to Our Kids

The last article in this series outlined the concept of counterwill: If kids feel they’re being told what to do, they are less likely to be cooperative (even if it’s something fun!). Counterwill is part of necessary healthy development. Knowing this we can reframe our child’s behaviour and respond with compassion and empathy versus anger […]

Parenting 101 Series: Understanding Why Our Kids Say “No”

Otto Rank was the first psychologist to identify the term “counterwill,” describing our instinctual resistance to being forced to do something. We all know this phenomenon: the more someone tries to force us to do something, the more we dig our heels in. We first see this counterwill in action in toddlers, when “no” becomes […]

Parenting 101: The Secret

Parenting 101, Calgary

Every day I meet parents in search of strategies to help them manage their child’s behaviours. When I ask some more questions, I find that most of them have read countless parenting books, have surfed the web for answers and even watched the “Nanny 911” type shows in an effort to find some advice, of […]

My child has ADHD. Now what? Step 5: Create your support team

My Child Has ADHD, Calgary

As soon as you are able, it is essential to create a support team for your child. Together, you will collaborate to develop and implement a plan to promote your child’s development and ongoing success. Hopefully you already have a doctor and have met with your child’s teacher; these are the first two key people […]

ADHD, Now what? Understanding ADHD

My Child Has ADHD, Now What? Calgary

Before doing anything else, it is critical to understand what ADHD is and how it affects your child. With knowledge, you can better help your child. Rather than go through all the complex medical information, my aim is to help you understand the key pieces of ADHD. There is a lot to know, but this […]

My Child has ADHD, What now? Meeting with Your Child’s School

Parents and Teachers, ADHD, Calgary

Once you have received your child’s diagnosis, ensure you have a meeting with your child’s school. Knowledge is power. Letting everyone know your child’s strengths and needs is critical for your child’s success. This article outlines specific ways to help you build relationships with teachers and navigate your child’s school to promote ongoing success over […]

My Child has ADHD, What now? Tell Your Child

Talking to Your Child About ADHD, Calgary

Knowledge is power. Kids do need to know if they have ADHD – otherwise, they will only internalize things. They might think there is something wrong with them or that they are dumb or bad. They might make up  their own fantastical stories to make sense of what is happening for them. Use the word […]

My child has ADHD Now What? See Your Doctor

Talk to Your Doctor, ADHD, Calgary

Learning that your child has ADHD can be overwhelming. Many parents are often at a loss of what to do next. First, be sure you have had a thorough, comprehensive assessment that investigated your child’s learning and attention? If not, it is very difficult to definitively diagnose ADHD because there may be other underlying reasons […]

My child has ADHD Now What?

My Child Has ADHD, Now What?

 After receiving their child’s diagnosis of ADHD, many parents ask, “Now what?” Unsure of where to turn for help, parents rely on the internet, aka “Dr. Google,” to get information. However, there is so much information that parents become overwhelmed and feel at a loss of what to do next. This list will help you […]