The Best Things in Life are Free

This has been a topic I wanted to talk about for a long time. We can easily get so caught up in consumerism and keeping up with the Joneses. More and more, bigger and better. And I also see how many kids, even young kids, are addicted to their screen time. Which seems to cause […]

Presence versus Presents

So many people have unfulfilled lives and vacant relationships – including relationships with their children. We may try to fill these spaces with material things, but the void can never be satisfied with stuff. And we now have kids who seem unappreciative and more distant than ever.

The Power of YES

Many self-help gurus talk about one of the major keys to success is being open. Open to whatever life brings your way, without forcing expectations you may have. As a bit of a control freak with anxious tendencies, I know that “being open” and “letting go” (of attachments to specific outcomes) is certainly an area […]

The end of sibling rivalry?

I think I may have found the solution to eradicate sibling rivalry and thought I’d pass it on. You can really use the same ideas to target any behaviours, but the sibling rivalry piece is forefront in my house.  I decided to implement a variation of a good behaviour game – not a new concept by […]