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Autism in Girls

Understanding Autism in Girls: Specialized Care and Support at Koru Psychology. Dive deep into the world of autism as it presents in girls, often overlooked or misdiagnosed. Our dedicated team at Koru Psychology provides expert assessments and personalized intervention strategies, focusing on the distinct needs of girls on the spectrum.

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Back To School Anxiety: Get Ready Early!

For many children, anxiety levels have skyrocketed at the thought of having to reintroduce themselves back into school. It is important to get anxious kiddos ready for the transition back to school sooner than later.

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3 Summertime Activities to Strengthen Family Bonding

Family bonding during the summer is normal (and important!) for many families. It can be difficult to find activities that don’t require a lot of time or resources that they don’t have. Here are three fun and easy things that all families can do to build their bonds.

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