My child has ADHD Now What?

 After receiving their child’s diagnosis of ADHD, many parents ask, “Now what?” Unsure of where to turn for help, parents rely on the internet, aka “Dr. Google,” to get information. However, there is so much information that parents become overwhelmed and feel at a loss of what to do next.

This list will help you understand the next best steps to take to get you well on your way to promoting your child’s success at home, at school, and with friends.*

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Surviving the Holidays


Holidays are meant to be the best time of the year. While we daydream about what the holidays should look like, we all know this can be the most stressful time of year. We often wear ourselves down by overbooking our days, spending too much, and forgetting to take care of ourselves. To top it off, kids behaviours seem to explode because their routines are disrupted.

As a result, we shut down and go into survival mode. Before we know it, the holidays are over and we are left exhausted, broke, disappointed, and disconnected from our kids.

In this special article, we provide tips to help you and your child not only survive the holidays, but to delight in them.

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Raising a Thinking Child


In writing my last blog on discipline, I had this persistent, nagging feeling. I felt a little stilted and quite hesitant, to be honest. I think these feelings stemmed from the fact that I do not actually implement a lot of consequences in my own parenting practices. Maybe when I am in a state of complete frustration I will do something like take a toy away from the girls. However, the more I think about it, those responses are very reactive and do not teach the girls anything in that moment either. Other than to keep their conflict quiet otherwise mom will come take stuff away. But have they learned how to share in that moment? Furthermore, when I am calm and rationale, that is not something I would do anyway. So it made sense I felt a little disconnect between what I wrote and what I practice. So, what do I really do if I don’t really use consequences?

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Establishing Effective Consequences


In my last blog, I wrote about punishment and how it does not help teach our children anything of value. It only tends to increase the divide between us and them. However, punishment is very different from discipline, or establishing logical consequences. Consequences, when used properly after your child has made a choice (i.e., in behaving a certain way), can help to teach.

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Punishment Doesn’t Teach


Punishment. A tricky subject. I find that, more and more, parents have a hard time wrapping their heads around punishment. Or rather, not punishing their child. I often get a lot of push-back from parents about how their child has to be taught a lesson. That their child will otherwise “get away with it.” At the end of the day, punishment does nothing to teach our children. It may humiliate, frustrate, shame, upset, or demoralize our child. Punishment may fuel a child’s anxiety. Or dampen their self-esteem. It may even make a child resentful. Rather than thinking about what they did wrong and how to make it better, they may instead use that time brewing in anger and resentment and even thinking about how to seek revenge. I find punishment puts a wedge between us and our children. And punishment certainly does nothing to teach. Well, perhaps other than it is ok to yell, hit, or coerce others when they do not behave the way we want them to.

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