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Assessment Success

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Assessments illuminate potential. Beyond mere tests, assessments offer a window into unique qualities, challenges, and untapped strengths. With us as your guide, we co-create an empowering story, guiding you with confidence and purpose.

Join us at Koru Family Psychology to celebrate brilliance and explore the boundless possibilities assessments can unveil. With unwavering expertise, our psychologists are your steadfast allies, accompanying you every step of the way to empower confidence, resilience, and growth.  

Discover how your child learns best and optimize their learning experience.

Discover how to capitalize on unique strengths and enhance success.

 Discover how to uncover your child’s exceptional abilities and nurture brilliance.

Discover how to unlock your child’s full potential to thrive in academics and beyond.

Comprehensive Assessment:

Exploring All Important Aspects of Potential

Each assessment we offer is a unique journey. We explore the specific aspects that will empower both you and your child to stride through life with unwavering confidence and purpose. Take the first step towards comprehensive understanding and boundless growth by booking an assessment today. Your path to empowerment awaits!

Areas of investigation may include:

Discover your child’s distinct talents and cognitive skills that guide their educational voyage.

Dive into how your child learns best – their preferences, styles, and areas where they excel. Assess their memory capacity, how much they understand and remember what they learn, and how quickly they can process information.

Evaluate your child’s progress in key subjects, identifying areas of mastery and opportunities for growth.

Understand what your child has learned and their specific skills in  reading, writing, and math. We also explore fine motor control, gross motor coordination, language capabilities, and school engagement when necessary.

Our expertise lies in dynamic assessments, enabling us to deeply comprehend the roots of learning strengths and challenges. This knowledge directly informs effective strategies to enhance your child’s learning experience.

Understand advanced abilities such as planning, organization, and problem-solving; all of which are crucial for achieving holistic success.

These skills play a pivotal role in helping students stay committed to tasks, even when they seem uninteresting. They aid in remembering routines and assigned tasks, self-managing, initiating tasks independently, and efficiently completing assignments within deadlines.

These functions lay the foundation for effective self-direction and accomplishment throughout life.

Learn about your chlid’s  capacity to maintain focus on tasks and how to amplify attention and involvement.

Achieve a clearer understanding of their energy levels and self-discipline, aiding them in directing their impulses constructively.

Examine their aptitude for efficient time utilization and completion of individual tasks. Observe their ability to remain seated, exhibit thoughtful actions, prudent decision-making, and to exercise patience. Assess their restraint in refraining from impulsive interrupting, as well as their ability to wait calmly for desired outcomes.

Comprehend your child’s social interactions, friendships, and communication abilities to foster positive social development.

Explore  social competencies, including forming new friendships, grasping others’ viewpoints, and discerning nuanced social signals. This assessment nurtures well-rounded social growth.

Explore the emotional realm, nurturing self-awareness and effective coping methods.

Gain insights into stress levels, anxiety, and emotional states, understanding their impact on daily functioning and achievements.

We address numerous challenges including school refusal, separation anxiety, test-taking stress, group performance, stress moderation, and coping skills, as well as tendencies towards obsessive behaviours. This evaluation aids in cultivating emotional well-being and adaptive strategies.

Reveal the intricate operations of the mind, offering glimpses into cognitive abilities and possible hurdles.

Examine fundamental neurological functioning across key areas like executive functions, intricate language development, visuospatial processing, sensorimotor skills, social perception, and the retrieval of information. This analysis provides valuable insights into their cognitive landscape and potential areas of growth.

Gain insights into the ability to navigate daily life and challenges, fostering independence and growth.

Scholarship Opportunities for Students and Families

Koru Family Psychology is pleased to offer families in financial need bursaries and scholarships to help offset the costs of assessments. 

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