Parent Support

Parents are instrumental in their child’s development. Parenting can be a wonderful and rewarding experience; however, at times, it can be challenging for anyone. Most parents experience feeling overwhelmed and even guilty about what they “should” be doing. Coupled with the increased stresses we experience in modern times, trying to balance everything we have going on in our lives is difficult and sometimes seems impossible. Although there are no guaranteed methods for ensuring our children will be happy, healthy and successful in life, there are many things we can do to promote our children’s well-being. With extensive professional (and personal!) experience with parenting, we can help you navigate the challenges parents face in order to  promote your children’s developmental assets – resources your children need to grow into successful adults.


Parenting support varies from family to family depending on your needs, but often includes:

  • managing your child’s behaviours effectively
  • promoting nurturing relationships with your child
  • communicating effectively with your children
  • managing your child’s social/emotional difficulties
  • overall parenting skill development

Parent support groups and workshops are also offered throughout the year.

Parent/Child Counselling

Children experience a wide range of emotions and challenges. They can be greatly affected by the world around them in so many ways. Although they are often resilient, children may have difficulties coping with the everyday stressors in their lives. Often times they lack the necessary skills to cope effectively. As a result, they may express their challenges behaviourally. These behaviours can be troubling and exhausting for them and their families and may include bed wetting, tantrums, argumentativeness, defiance, hyperactivity, nightmares, withdrawals, peer conflicts, and school refusal. Our family-focuses counselling and intervention services help children and their families navigate difficult situations, learn more about what is underlying the presenting behaviours, learn adaptive coping skills, and promote healthy relationships.