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Establishing Effective Consequences


In my last blog, I wrote about punishment and how it does not help teach our children anything of value. It only tends to increase the divide between us and them. However, punishment is very different from discipline, or establishing logical consequences. Consequences, when used properly after your child has made a choice (i.e., in behaving a certain way), can help to teach.

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The Road Less Travelled

yellow brick road

My journey to self-rejuvenation/fulfillment/contentment has been a difficult one so far. Anxiety and stress are still lurking (and even higher after reading one of my student’s papers on heart disease and stress!). And life continues on at a fast pace. However, having the conscious awareness of making a change, I have certainly made important steps that have certainly had a positive influence in how I am feeling. Definitely making progress towards greater fulfillment and contentment.

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