Do What You Say

I have reflected a lot on behaviour management the past couple of weeks. There seems to be an increase in stress among families this time of year, along with problematic behaviours. Unfortunately, there is a reciprocal relationship in which one (e.g., stress) makes the other (e.g., behaviours) worse and vice versa.

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6 Mississippi’s

I have a little parenting secret: 6 Mississippi’s. I do it daily with my girls. Ten doses a day keeps the blues away. And helps strengthen my connection with my kids.

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No such thing as “bad” kids

Bouncing off of last week, I reflected a lot this week on a quote that I heard from Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Change what you see, and what you see changes.” I find this quote holds true in every aspect of life. Every day I hear comments about people wanting to change things – better children, more money, bigger house, more considerate husband, less traffic, nicer weather, new boss, and on and on it goes. These comments all come from a negative outlook, one filled with lack. Year in and year out people make goals to change the world around them. And fail to reach their goals. Or, reach their goals but still remain unhappy. And strive for something else because if they could just get that (whatever that is), will make them happy.

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