Finding the Good

Over the holidays I wrote a post about setting the intention to create Happy Holidays for yourself. On a walk with my mom yesterday, we chatted about setting our intentions and where we focus our attention. I believe there is a “field of possibilities” that we have control over.

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You alone can create Happy Holidays for yourself.

Keeping this post short and sweet this week so as to maximize my time with my family. This can be the most wonderful, and most stressful, time of year. Create the holiday season you want – you alone have the power. Set your intention as you get out of bed first thing in the morning and allow it to guide you for the rest of your day. Your intention will create your reality. Happy Holidays!


Are you limiting how much you love your child?

POSTER-pieces-of-your-heart-TWEAKED I have always known… and even lectured others… that we need to love ourselves before we can love others. It wasn’t until I (re)read Brene Brown’s comment this week about how our love for our children is limited by our own self-love that I stopped dead in my tracks. Although I had read it before, for some reason, that comment struck a chord with me. I mean, it really hit me. I am limiting how much love I have for my children. I am limiting how much love I have for my children! Now, I’d typically be the first one to say that my love for my children is unconditional and boundless. I couldn’t possibly love anything in the world any more. Of course I love them more than I love myself – that goes without saying.

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