The Road Less Travelled

yellow brick road

My journey to self-rejuvenation/fulfillment/contentment has been a difficult one so far. Anxiety and stress are still lurking (and even higher after reading one of my student’s papers on heart disease and stress!). And life continues on at a fast pace. However, having the conscious awareness of making a change, I have certainly made important steps that have certainly had a positive influence in how I am feeling. Definitely making progress towards greater fulfillment and contentment.

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Message From Your Heart


At the gym a couple of weeks ago, I heard a piece from a song saying “I don’t work for free” and “Please take care of me.” I didn’t listen to the rest, assuming it was a love song… a woman singing to her partner to attend to her more. My brain immediately turned to parenting. About all the hard work we put into our roles as parents. I kept thinking along those lines (lot’s of hard work, no pay, little appreciation, feelings of exhaustion) until I tuned back into the song at the end and heard the words: “This is a message from your heart.” Something in that phrase made me stop in my tracks. I teared up. I must’ve stood in the middle of the gym floor for a solid five minutes. Like I had been stunned. I then spent the rest of the day and the following couple of weeks contemplating what struck me so hard.

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Put yourself on the first place

Individual treatment is often termed as psychotherapy, and is meant to help people with their emotional issues, which can range in order of their severity or intensity. The main aim of this form of therapy is to change the quality of life by defining the path of life clearly, and bringing in more clarity. Whether it is the problem of repressed childhood that you are facing, or an emotional breakdown due to divorce, failure or loss of a loved one, a professional psychologist can help you revive your mental health through systematic counselling.

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The end of sibling rivalry?

Sibling Rivalry

I think I may have found the solution to eradicate sibling rivalry and thought I’d pass it on. You can really use the same ideas to target any behaviours, but the sibling rivalry piece is forefront in my house.  I decided to implement a variation of a good behaviour game – not a new concept by any means, but effective where I need it the most. In this case, fighting the war against sibling rivalry.

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