Punishment Doesn’t Teach


Punishment. A tricky subject. I find that, more and more, parents have a hard time wrapping their heads around punishment. Or rather, not punishing their child. I often get a lot of push-back from parents about how their child has to be taught a lesson. That their child will otherwise “get away with it.” At the end of the day, punishment does nothing to teach our children. It may humiliate, frustrate, shame, upset, or demoralize our child. Punishment may fuel a child’s anxiety. Or dampen their self-esteem. It may even make a child resentful. Rather than thinking about what they did wrong and how to make it better, they may instead use that time brewing in anger and resentment and even thinking about how to seek revenge. I find punishment puts a wedge between us and our children. And punishment certainly does nothing to teach. Well, perhaps other than it is ok to yell, hit, or coerce others when they do not behave the way we want them to.

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The Best Things in Life are Free


This has been a topic I wanted to talk about for a long time. We can easily get so caught up in consumerism and keeping up with the Joneses. More and more, bigger and better. And I also see how many kids, even young kids, are addicted to their screen time. Which seems to cause so much disruption in the child’s life, and the family’s.

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Presence versus Presents


Not sure there’s much more to say than that.

But, this is definitely a critical topic that I have so much to talk about!

I know I have had ongoing, frustrating conversations with the grandparents over the years about stop buying stuff for the kids. Just come and be with them. Spending time is so much more meaningful for them. I lecture them about how we’re inundated with too much stuff and even banned anything new coming into the house. We are in a consumer world, with credit to the max and homes brimming with stuff.  Read more